Chattanooga ISSA – 6 Years and Going Strong

Since starting this chapter in 2011, we have had many adventures together as board members and as chapter members.

At first we had no idea if this would even work. Were there enough Security professionals in the area to support a chapter? How would we co-exist with other professional organizations in the area? Did people even want this kind of a professional group in Chattanooga?

I believe today that we can say that every one of those questions was met with a resounding YES from the professionals in Chattanooga!

Although we have a limited draw in terms of potential members, we are definitely above average as far as ISSA chapters go. With a membership of between 40 – 50 paid members, we fall into the “small” chapter category. That said, we are anything but small in what we think about and do for our members.

As a chapter we have consistently had quarterly meetings since the inception of the chapter. This is due to both the board’s efforts and to the support of our members. Many chapters go in fits and starts, having meetings on an ad-hoc basis, or even coming and going as an operating chapter. Chattanooga has been consistent in its value delivery to residents of the region for more than 6 years!

The Chattanooga chapter has constantly looked for ways to add to the value of your membership. Extra events for specific technologies and vendors have been held. We have added monthly luncheon events for members only for those who may not be able to enjoy the half day events quarterly. However those half day events are NOT going anywhere, and we continue to have great attendance for those.

I wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on where the chapter has come from starting with our ten founding members, and reaching a level of over 40 current paid memberships, and how we should all be both celebrating, and supporting the chapter.

The Board thanks each of you for your support and ideas. We hope that you will reach out to Board members with any ideas you might have for the chapter.

If you have information that other members should know about, please make sure to reach out to myself or any Board member, so that we may include information on the website.
Watch this space for upcoming events and notes of interest; bookmark the site for future reference, and thank you for your ongoing support!

Mark Williams, Chapter President