Chapter Elections – Don’t forget to vote!

According to our chapter bylaws, it is time to vote for chapter officers.  Up for vote this year are the following positions:

  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Education-Training Director
  • Communications/Website Director
  • Sponsorship Director
  • Program Director
  • Membership Director
  • Board Member – At Large

All members should be receiving survey invites in your email; please let us know if you have not received an invitation to vote.  As a reminder, here is the applicable section of the chapter’s by-laws:

Article VI Elections:

Section 1.  The Officers shall be elected by popular vote, each general member in good standing to be entitled to one vote.

Section 2.  Elections shall be held during the last meeting of the year.

Section 3.  Election results shall be announced at the end of the last meeting of the year and be subsequently announced via email to all members of the chapter.

Section 4.  The term of each office on the board is three years and the election of officers shall take place as follows:

                Year 1 – President, Secretary, Treasurer

                Year 2 – Vice President, Education Director, Program Director,

                Year 3 – Communications Director, Membership Director, Sponsorship Director

Commencing at the conclusion of the last meeting of the current year.