Chattanooga CTF 008 Capture the Flag Competition: VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!

The CTF 008 Capture the Flag Cybersecurity Competition for entry-level students (click here for information) will be on Saturday, November 9 and it needs volunteers who can help with the following:

  • Tasks on competition day:
    • Registration and coordination
    • Coaches (no pre-work required)
    • Help with transportation so we can ensure that no child is unable to participate due to lack of transportation
  • Help to recruit participants (click here for signup link)
  • Social media and marketing assistance

If you can help please click here!

Competition facts:

Chattanooga has two cohorts registered – one at EPB and one at Chattanooga State. We are helping to get students registered and encourage you to do the same. Each cohort can have 5 teams of up to 4 participants. Here is the link for registration:

If you are willing to be a coach or if you can help recruit coaches, or if you would be willing to volunteer to help with registration, please click here. I think that it would be great to have 4 or 5 coaches in each location along with another two adults to support registration and manage materials and food. Please help us fill all the slots by spreading the word!

Thanks for helping to engage our young men and women in this event to help build their knowledge of the opportunities available for them in this field!

Q2 Meeting June 4 @ BCBST

June 4 at BCBST 1 Cameron Hill, Chattanooga TN
Time: 11:30 AM – 4:45 PM

  • Pwnie Express and Tech Data- Where we are with IoT
  • Thinking Media – The state of STEM education across the US
  • The Fair Institute- Introduction of FAIR Risk Analysis

President’s Message – 4Q18

As we enter into the fall and winter of the year, there seems always to be a time for reflection.  This reflection leads many of us to better understand where we are, where we are going, and what we are thankful for.

First of all, I need to thank each and every person who has served with me on the Board of Directors for the Chattanooga chapter. The time and effort put in by all of those people have made my Presidency look good, and our chapter flourish!

I have been blessed to be a part of this chapter from the beginning.  Seven years ago we didn’t know if we were going to be able to make it work. But we have.

We have grown from that first meeting with about 10 people, to a chapter that regularly fields 50+ for our quarterly meetings, winning Chapter of the Year! That is all due to the support of the membership.  Those that serve on the Board and those who toil behind the scenes make everything come together.

So why am I bragging on all of you now? Well, this season is also a time of change.  To that end, changes are in store for the Chattanooga chapter of the ISSA.

I will be stepping aside as the chapter President at the end of the year. I have spent seven wonderful years in the position, and I think that it is truly time for some fresh blood. So this election cycle will see a new President installed, and I am sure that all of the members will support the new incumbent.

Because of this season of change, I think it is a good time to challenge all of you. What do you want the chapter to be? How is the chapter serving you, and how could it serve you better?  Is it time to get more involved and served in some capacity to make this the best chapter ever?

The ISSA is a great organization. Even if you choose not to serve, I have a challenge for you. Get out and make ISSA a household name. Today, I run into many Information Security professionals who have no idea what ISSA is, or how we are different from ISACA, ISC2 and others. Do you know?

If you cannot explain to others why ISSA is the preeminent association for Security Professionals, I challenge you to find out more about the ISSA, its rich history over the past 25+ years, and get comfortable with being able to represent it in your community!

I am not disappearing or anything like that.  I will still be around at Chapter functions and asking annoying questions of our speakers, but I look forward to serving in other roles than Chapter President.

Thank you all for your support of the chapter for these past seven years.  Let’s make sure that this chapter continues to be something we are proud of.  Serve as you can and as you like to make the chapter strengthen and grow.

Mark Williams

September 18 – Save the Date

ISSA Q3 Event Theme:  Managing Digital Risk

Attention – Date & Location Change!

Unum Corporation
1 Fountain Square
Chattanooga, TN 37402
Click for directions


Tuesday 9/18/2018
11:45 am – 4:45 pm
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We expect a large turnout so register today.  Invite a friend or co-worker!

  • Digital Shadows (Event Sponsor):
       Managing Digital Risk and Digital Security
  • F5 (Event Sponsor):
       Protect your Applications from an App. Attack
  • Kudelski Security:
       L1/L2 Use Cases for Cybersecurity Attacks
  • Special Guests: Fraud and Cybersecurity Investigators


Register Now

This is a great opportunity to bring co-workers or someone you know in the InfoSec community.




Chattanooga ISSA awarded 2017 Small Chapter of the Year


ISSA Chattanooga Chapter is awarded the honor of Small Chapter of the Year 2017.  This international award is a result of your dedication and support, our great sponsors and presenters, and our “it takes a village” approach to provide quality events to help advance the development of cybersecurity professions, their organizations, and you, their leaders. The ISSA International Awards will be presented at keynote presentations and at a special ceremony and reception during the annual ISSA International Conference, to be held October 9-11 2017 in San Diego, California.  We are excited to bring the award home to you.

Keyaan Williams, President of ISSA, explained, “As the reach of technology increases seemingly to all aspects of our lives, it is both fitting and imperative that we keep working on the betterment of all facets of our profession and honor those whose efforts go above and beyond. Therefore, we are well-pleased to recognize the Chattanooga Chapter who has been on the cutting-edge of the advances in information security this year “.

The Chattanooga chapter was founded six years ago with 10 original members including a self-appointed board of directors.  Today, we have grown to 49 members, 6 student members, and many visitors, along with a 5 member Board of Directors.  Please share our good news with other cybersecurity professional in our community or workplace.  We want to express our thanks and appreciation to our chapter members and supporters for your support and dedication of our chapter.  Here’s to us!

Best regards,

Mark Williams
Curtis Campbell
Shayne Champion
Kevin Riggs
Chris Rimondi
Chris Jackson
ISSA Chattanooga Chapter Board of Directors